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Why ICG Hands-On Glass Programs Work

Glass art is an exciting, challenging and collaborative art medium offering a powerful vehicle for social emotional learning. Working with glass requires focus and discipline and fosters creative expression, teamwork and critical thinking. ICG programming offers students the opportunity to experiment, incubate ideas and explore creativity through the glass art experience.

Our Story

Ignition Community Glass was launched in 2014 by a group of educators, artists, and social justice advocates committed to advancing racial equity in the arts.  The core impetus to their vision was to leverage the power of hands-on glass making to foster positive youth development and offer Chicago youth from under-served communities access to this transformative art form.  Through its glass art programming, ICG strives to actively chip away at the color barrier in the arts and improve the quality of life of a population of youth who face significant obstacles in their daily lives.

What We Do

Hands-on Glass Art Programs

ICG fundamentally believes in engaging Chicago youth in arts education and provides a dedicated space for programs. Ignition youth programming features innovative and collaborative hands-on glass art experiences. Programs include glass blowing and sculpting, glass fusing, flame working, mold making, and screen printing. Team engineered projects are designed to foster a sense of community and accountability. Students are encouraged to be creative, experiment and push beyond comfort zones.


Ignition is committed to attracting and training the best candidates to facilitate quality glass art programming and mentorship for under-served youth. The ICG apprenticeship program enables novice artists to work alongside experienced glass art mentor-instructors. This Teacher/Apprentice relationship works to provide guidance to the novice in developing the unique skills required to work effectively and expansively with adolescents in this dynamic medium.

Community Partnerships

Chicago’s philanthropic community is known for investing in arts education. Partnerships are designed to enhance and channel relevant resources. ICG provides credentialed instructors and facilities to help our Chicago community partners offer a broader range of student art experiences. Ignition also partners with other local youth organizations committed to empowering under-served youth. Additionally, ICG programming includes a public art installation element to encourage community outreach and engagement.

Our Programs

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Youth Guidance creates and implements school-based programs that enable at-risk children to overcome obstacles, focus on their education and, ultimately, succeed in school…

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Ignition Community Glass Chicago Youth Centers

Chicago Youth Centers (CYC) mission is to empower children to recognize and experience their possibility and promise.  CYC is the city’s largest private urban youth organization. 

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Ignition Community Glass Embarc Chicago

In the Spring 2017, ICG was thrilled to developed a new community partnership with Embarc. The Embarc students from Chicago Academy, an AUSL school, had an opportunity…

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Ignition Community Glass Lawrence Hall

Lawrence Hall is a statewide leader in highly-effective, evidence-based, and innovative therapeutic treatment. The agency’s unique continuum of care, which promotes overall well-being...

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Ignition Community Glass Noble Street College Prep

The Noble School Charter School network has a daily impact on the lives of 12,000 students. Noble prepares low-income students with the scholarship, discipline, and honor necessary...

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Ignition Community Glass KIPP Ascend Middle School students

Supported by a grant from Ingenuity Creative School Fund. KIPP Chicago schools is a network of college prep charter schools offering high-quality education to Chicago students.

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Ignition Community Glass My Block, My Hood, My City

My Block, My Hood, My City provides youth with new experiences, exposing them to possibilities beyond their own communities.  MBMHMC’s mission is to help teenager...

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Ignition Community Glass Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope’s mission is to empower children, youth and families impacted by abuse and neglect to build resourcefulness, resiliency, and supportive relationships.

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Ignition Community Glass Communities in Schools of Chicago

The mission of Communities In Schools of Chicago is to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.  School-based staff partner …

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Being an ICG intern has taught me a lot about glass blowing itself but more about responsibility, communication, leadership, and teamwork.

2017 ICG Intern

“Having the freedom to be creative is why ICG programming works.”

2017 ICG Student

I learned that I can be creative with forming my ideas if I have more confidence in myself.   Through the programming I learned control and patience in life and everything I do. ICG is like a home away from home.

2017 ICG Student

The program helped me bring out my inner inspiration and helped me learn that I have the ability to make things even if it means to fail a couple times.

2017 ICG Student

ICG programming helped me develop social and teamwork skills that I will use later in life.

2017 ICG Student

Participating in ICG programming helped me learn to communicate with a group and having a mindset of not giving up.

2017 ICG Student

The program helped me learn how to talk and work with others, and how to deal with things that don’t go my way and make it better.

2017 ICG Student

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Support Our Mission

Change someone’s future by sponsoring, partnering or donating and becoming an ICG Champion. Help spread the message that ICG is committed to fostering positive youth development through the glass art experience. Through a safe after-school environment, students can experiment and explore the arts under the guidance of our artists who are both teachers and mentors. Students learn the significance of team building and invaluable lessons that increase their confidence while helping them realize their potential in various areas of their personal lives. Donations support planning/programming development, materials/supplies, studio and instructor time as well as sponsorship of participating Chicago youth.

Ignition Community Glass would like to extend a special thanks to our our partner Ignite Glass Studios!

Thank you to Ignite Glass Studios, a Chicago-based state-of-the-art glassblowing facility, for their commitment to support under-served youth in Chicago. The qualified and passionate artists and staff at Ignite are pivotal to ICG delivering safe, innovative, quality youth programming.

Community Partners