A’rei, Featured Artist

I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to be able to work with the Ignition Community Glass (ICG) Teaching Artist team every week and have the ability to showcase my glass art, paintings and clay works in ICG’s Online Store. ICG’s artistic support and education platform have allowed me to explore a plethora of mediums confidently and authentically.

When it comes to glassmaking specifically, I worked with this art medium throughout high school and have continued since my graduation in June of 2020. I spent most of this time focused on understanding the unique nature of glass and becoming comfortable with my hand skills to successfully work with this challenging material. I’m extremely happy to be at the point where I can learn new glass skills while incorporating my own style, and with my recent decision to focus on developing as an artist and making art full time, I’ve found a sense of peace and happiness.

My style is still developing. I take a lot of inspiration from my life. When I’m creating, sometimes I think of the end product and learn whatever skill I need to bring expression to the piece. Other times, I choose a medium to work with, have no plan in mind, and let the art emerge organically.

I have a growing desire to apply my personal experiences and knowledge and build my own community art studio to provide a safe space for more BIPOC’ — an empowering, creative space for self-exploration through glass and any other art forms that they choose.

Screaming a huge thank you to ICG for their continued support and the opportunities they open up for me as an artist!

New body of work in progress and available for sale later this month!