Ignition Community Glass (ICG) programs for youth, aged 12-19, are grounded in STEAM (STEM + Art) and bring ideas to life with hands-on experience. Students engage in a variety of glass-art forms that enliven collaboration and develop problem-solving skills in a creative, safe environment. Projects include lessons on design, color, and an introduction to the tools necessary in glasswork.  The hands-on experience of glass-working provides students with a practical understanding of scientific concepts and principles that might remain otherwise theoretical, as they use observation and measurement to deepen their relationship with the natural and designed world. Projects are designed to foster a sense of community and accountability. Students are encouraged to be creative, experiment, and push beyond comfort zones. Together each group authors community agreements to guide them, referring back to them when necessary. Upon this foundation, our students build trust, connection and strong team dynamics. Graduates of ICG have had practice expressing themselves clearly and creatively, collaborating with peers, thinking critically, managing time, and listening well. They are engaged and passionate, equipped to carry creativity and confidence with them on their life-long journey of learning.


Glass is a material we now find in every environment. For ages, this unique material has inspired artists, architects, and engineers alike with its adaptability, strength, and beauty.  No other material handles light and color the way glass does, nor does any such material take form quite as delicately as glass. Naturally, as more of the world turns to glass to meet their needs, it has become an industry rich with practical and creative challenges. Utilizing STEM education and artistic sensibilities students at ICG learn how to approach these challenges. Math skills are strengthened through abstract reasoning, strategic knowledge of tool functions, execution of precision through modeling with mathematics, and understanding the nature of structure. 

“ICG’s workshops engage students in so many ways. From glass demonstrations that connect art, physics and chemistry to hands-on learning opportunities where students are empowered to create their own piece of art. ICG’s student-led learning space is a key element of their programming .” Emma MacLean

Arts Partnerships Specialist, Communities in Schools - 2019